Our villas are ideal for large groups or couples looking for privacy and comfort. Enjoy the exclusivity while benefiting with the location and convenience.

  • 01

    Villa Aurora

    A cozy and spacious guesthouse for you at Aurora Street. Comfortably accommodates four people, and excelent choice for a trip with family or friends.

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  • 02

    Villa Mamanguá

    This villa is a refuge at Saco do Mamanguá. It is only accessible by the sea, as only boats can reach its small private reserved beach. The guesthouse is surrounded by nature, and our guests can count on a 24/7 service.

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  • 03

    Villa Paraty Mirim

    With approximately 80m², Villa Paraty Mirim is ideal for a couple or a small family. It is the twin house to Villa Trindade.

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  • 04

    Villa Trindade

    It is a twin house to Villa Paraty Mirim. Like its neighbor, it also accommodates one couple or a small family.

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